Who is J.Conic?

J.Conic is an independent Christian Hip-Hop and R&B artist out of NYC.


J.Conic was born, James Manuel Pastrana II, on June 11, 1999. Being born into a christian household, J.Conic spent most of his days in church as his father, James, was in charge of the English service. He was first introduced to music through his sister, Melissa. She played the drums, piano, and sang on the worship team at the church. Melissa would play the piano at home while she wrote songs and J.Conic would always go into her room to listen. She wrote a song called "You Are Hear for Me" and J.Conic quickly took an interest as he memorized it. He was just four years old. His mom, Nereida would take him to her job and he would perform for her co-workers. At that moment, Nereida knew that her son had a God-given talent.

On May 14, 2005, J.Conic would represent the Church of God of Kingsbridge in a talent show. He performed "You Are Hear For Me" and won first place. From that day on, he would be invited to many churches throughout the Bronx.


As J.Conic grew closer to God, he realized the calling that he had and was baptized on March 28, 2016. He released his first project "Break Free" on January 17, 2018, which talks about the struggles he faced throughout his school years as he was bullied for being christian rapper. J.Conic thought about quitting music as he was transitioning from high school to college, but had a lot of support from his family and close friends that allowed him to stay on track. Now J.Conic has no plans on stopping and is determined to do the work of God. No matter what obstacles J.Conic may face, he believes that God will help him get through it. He lives by the motto, "Be iConic/Live iConic", which means be a leader, and rise above the negativity. If we want change, it has to start with us.